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T3 - Tested, Tweaked, True

T3 - Tested, Tweaked, True


These were Bill's first ever set of lecture notes published in 2008.  Admittedly, some of the material may be dated... one routine relied on a 'flip' cell phone!  However, all of the material remains workable.


4 items are included in this comb bound booklet.




Model No. VC-724

You pull your cell phone out and send a message to yourself with a prediction.  A spectator selects a card.  Following some byplay, another spectator reads your message, which successfully predicted the card selected!



As the cards are dribbled a spectator calls out, "stop," and remembers the card stopped at.  The cards are squared.  The magician then proceeds to read the spectator's mind and reveal his thought of card.  It is then shown that the selection is the only face-up card in a facedown deck.


Ambitious Twist

An ambitious card routine where things do not go the way the performer would like.  Every time the performer tries to get the selection to jump to the top of the deck, the Joker decides to interfere.  At the end, the performer prevails when the entire deck reverses itself around the spectator's selection. A fun, commercial routine!


It's Just An Illusion

The Coins to Purse plot never looked better.  Visually clean vanishes with an unexpected kicker ending all wrapped up in a nice presentation that causes the spectators to question what they see!  This is one of Bill’s go-to routines for strolling and close-up work!  NOTE: While this was the first place the routine was published, an updated handling with additional phases may be found in Bill's eNotes, Sleepless Nights HERE.

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