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Bill's first major contribution to the magic community, which was released in 2008 and remains talked about in the magic underground.




Money Doesn't Grow On Trees...

A perfect opener for a table-hopping or strolling environment.  Three coins appear and suddenly vanish in a quick, visual, and easy to do routine.


Almos' Frame-ous

A purse frame production like none other.  Three coins are produced from a purse frame in ways that go beyond the standard.  Two handlings are included.



If you like the coins across plot then you will love this one.  Coins go from the performer's hand to the spectator's hand in this non-traditional handling.


That's Impossible!

Another routine that occurs all in the spectator's hand.  This copper/silver transposition occurs three times, each time more impossible than the last, and ending with a nice kicker.


Comin' Outta the Box

If you like what David Roth has done for the Okito Coin Box, then you will love this 'Out with Four' type coin box routine.  This one is a knucklebuster, but very much worth the practice when your spectators see four coins being magically produced in a number of visual ways from a coin box.


3 Coins Hangin' - featuring the 3 Coins Outta Nowhere Production

Produce three coins from thin air, then explain how it worked... with magical sky hooks!  All three coins are made invisible and hung in the air.  After each vanish the hands are seen empty.  Two handlings are included.


Hangin' Coins Worldwide

An international hanging coins where American, British, and Chinese coins are magically produced and vanished.


The 5th Dimension

Bill's signature close-up routine.  A deadly combination of a purse frame production and wild coin effect set to a story with an emotional hook that may be the perfect closer for a close-up set.



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