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Bill's career in magic began over 20 years ago and has led him to performances all along the East Coast of the United States. At a young age, he started performing for family and friends. As time went on Bill expanded his performances to public and private events. To date, Bill has spent years honing his craft while performing in a variety of restaurants, bars, and for corporate clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the casinos of Atlantic City.

For those that have witnessed his performances, it is clear that Bill's passion for the art of magic and for entertaining people shines through. The hallmark of Bill's work is that he gets to know his audiences. This allows Bill to customize his performance not only for your event, but for the individuals he performs for at the event too. Each group gets an individualized show that is different from the last.

Each show includes engaging presentations, humor, and one of a kind magic. Bill's performances include much audience interaction, most of the time making the magic happen in your hands! Most would agree this makes for the best kind of magic that leaves audiences stunned!


To date, Bill continues to perform for private events and corporate clients as well as lecturing to other magicians and peers on sleight of hand, original routines, and his love for the art of magic.

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